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"The 7 Critical Conversations to Build and Maintain a 
7-Figure Planning and Advice Business!"
If you are not having these Critical Conversations with your prospects, you are most likely leaving Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on the table!
You need a predictable and repeatable system for sifting through prospects to identify, attract, and meet with your ideal clients. You will also need to have the skill and confidence to talk to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
The 7 Critical Conversations Will Help You To Engage Prospect More Effectively, Convert Prospects into Clients, and Inspire Clients To Do All of Their Business With You!
Here are the Advantages you'll gain...
How to make a good first impression every time...Develop the uncanny ability to connect with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. You'll also discover how to identify your potential ideal client before you go through the process of setting up the first appointment. 
 Make the Most important connection with your prospects...The one connection you must make within the first 60 seconds of every first-time interview in order to set the stage for creating a powerful experience for your prospects.
Avoid the two critical mistakes made by most Financial Advisors...Which enables you to keep the interview focused on the prospect's needs, values, and core desires. Your prospect will see you have their best interest in mind and want to do business with you.
A little known strategy to benchmark your prospect's financial reality...In a way that increases your credibility and shows your trustworthiness.
Articulate your value promise in a way that aligns with your prospect's most important goals and most deeply held values...Discover the one tool that reveals your value promise in an extraordinary way and motivates clients to get your help to achieve their financial goals (The one tool alone has been responsible for adding thousands of dollars to our client's bottom line!)
Plus, much, much more!
You Are One Conversation Away From Taking Your Business to the Next Level!
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